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interestingly enough, my 4ACs run better on 86 octane than anything else I’ve put in them (only ever found it in New Mexico… 87 everywhere else)

haha i was hesitant about what number to write, ofc it always varies between the cars like yours! mine’s just a newer model , but that’s so interesting , lol gas from so far away.

It mostly just boils down to compression ratio.  4AC is 8.4 if I remember correctly so the risk of pre-combustion is non-existent.  86 octane burns a little easier and when I ran 89 octane it actually fucked up my stock carburetor ‘cause it wasn’t burning all the way and gunked the pcv return line.  If I had a high-comp or a turbo though I’d definitely be running 91 octane.

elpadroni asked:

BLAST TO THE PAST! You just attained your drivers license. Parentals are buying you your first car. They give you two choices, 1994 Miata or a 1993 Integra. Both manual. What will you chose!?!?

lol funny ‘cause I was 21 when I got my license and definitely bought my first car (‘87 RX7) with my own money… but for the sake of the question I’d definitely go with the Miata!  I’ve always thought they’re rad little cars and FR is just something I fuck with heavily.  Teggies are rad but if I ever were to own one I’d want an older one.

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